The "Craftsman Vit TEAM" was formed in 2015 by few airgun friends and craftsmen. The main philosophy of our business is to give a customer the ability to change the aperance of their rifle. With our kits you have the option to change your standard rifle in to a unique product .... bullpup & standard rifle".

      Our unique, simple and effective solutions are delivered in production and give you, the customer, a beautifully crafted stock. The best feedback came from our customers - new bullpup converion kits owners. We became well known for our high quality products.

     We working hard to bring you fantastic products by , visiting airgunner shows and discussions im web forums world wide and It paid off.

And now we are pleased to introduce Bullpup Conversion Kits by “Craftsman Vit”. 

      Convert your exisiting rifle into a bullpup configuration quickly and easily. The kits consist of a high quality crafted walnut stock, trigger linkages , scope extender rail and all fittings. The conversion can easily be caried out with the minimum of fuss using just a screwdriver and a set a allen keys.




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